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Become a Business Partner of STB Union

STB Union offers a lucrative business partnership. Cooperation with our company will allow partners to scale their business, expand the range of services and opportunities for their clients, increase the territorial coverage, and also make international financial transactions as transparent and safe as possible.

We offer cooperation for the following categories of partners.

Exchange offices

Partnership with STB Union allows owners of exchange offices to expand their range of services. The company provides the counterparty with all the necessary services for international money transfers and other financial transactions.

Benefits of cooperation with STB Union:

  • Expanding the list of services offered and revenue growth.
  • Comfortable and favorable conditions for clients when making transfers.
  • STB Union unites all popular money transfer operators. Therefore, partnering with us eliminates the need to collaborate with various companies that offer money transfer services.
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Companies that hire foreign employees

Companies that hire foreign workers can use STB Union to transfer salary to an employee, and a staff member, in turn, can use STB Union services to make international transactions to provide financial support to their family abroad.

Thus, cooperation with STB Union makes the payment process more comfortable, and international financial transactions faster and more convenient.

Benefits of cooperation with STB Union:

  • More favorable rates compared to the banks’ offers.
  • Simple money management system: transaction monitoring and payment process.
  • Multilingual customer support for a more comfortable experience.

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